alt Inc. collaborates with AI, Inc., a developer and provider of speech synthesis technology
The project is a demo for service provision using alt's large-scale language processing model LHTM-2 and ChatGPT
alt Inc. to incorporate internal voice recording function (alt Virtual Microphone) in AI GIJIROKU
Enables transcription of any audio played back on a PC
Clearing function introduced to AI GIJIROKU
AI GIJIROKU, Japan's most popular AI meeting minutes service, now includes clearing, AI summary, bookmark, agenda, and free memo functions in a one-stop platform for writing meeting minutes
alt Inc. launches free trial campaign of AI GIJIROKU iOS/Android version!
Highly accurate voice recognition for up to 5 minutes at a time, up to 60 minutes in total, with no registration required!
AI GIJIROKU, Japan's most popular AI minutes service, introduces AI summary function
alt Inc.'s large-scale language processing model LHTM-2 is used to significantly shorten the time required to create meeting minutes
alt Inc. forms business alliance with Vector Inc.
The project is a demo for next-generation PR DX solution services using large-scale language processing models such as GPT-3
alt Inc. introduces support and consulting services for the implementation of large-scale language processing models like LHTM-2 and GPT-3
alt Inc. launches "alt developer" API service
Connecting speech recognition functionality, P.A.I. built-in AI cloning technology, and automatic machine translation
Japanmade GPT3 - First ever successfully personalized Large-scale Heuristic Thinking Model (“LHTM-2”) developed by alt Inc.
alt Inc. launches Food and Beverage Industry GIJIROKU, an AI-Enhanced Speech Recognition Engine Specializing in the Food and Beverage Industry.
Promoting DX and improving operational efficiency through the use of AI-automated minutes to help eliminate labor shortages.