2017 New Year special edition of “Confidence” issued by ORICON ME which is renowned as an entertainment business magazine, “AI which changes the Future prospects of entertainment” featuring “al+”
Introduction of al+ in "Realization of immortality!? Evolution and risks of artificial intelligence" of “Know the changes for 2017! What will happen to Mr. Akira Ikegami? Journal”(Aired on 1 Jan 2017)
al+ invited Ryohei Sogo, Executive Officer of NC Design & Consulting Co., Ltd. as a speaker and held the IoT Study Group "Future of AI × IoT vol.1" collaborating with Switch Science Corporation
A 3D A.I. (under development) simulating our CEO’s characteristics featured on November 5, 2016 Morning Newspaper and Nikkei Electronic Edition "A.I. and the World - Used or Be Used Impartial Face of The New Manager" Article
Commencement of joint research on voice-cloning from a handful of human voice samples with Associate Professor Junichi Yamagishi of the National Institute of Informatics (NII)
Joint research on artificial intelligence for multilingual communication using a language-independent named entity extraction platform with Professor Phuong LE-HONG from Vietnam National University.
Alt has been posted in the domain of "Personal A.I." of the AI Service Map providing AI operated by Dip Corporation
Magazine「AERA」(August 22, 2016 Special Edition) al+’s P.A.I. (Personal Artificial Intelligence) featured on the special edition age, "AI (Artifici
Toyo Keizei Online Mr. Makoto Shiono expresses consensus towards Alt, Inc.’s “Power To The People”, “The Power Of Individuals” are the greatest! in his popular article "professional dialogue" is "the power of individuals" , Special Edition.
Has Released a BOT Creation GUI Tool, the "Al+ Bot Framework" and an API Set, "RMR" Which Can Realize Advanced AI Communication Developments as a Closed Beta Version