AI GIJIROKU Equipped with AI Assistant function to Automatically Extract Important Points, To-Dos, Conclusions, and Agreements
Makes the automatic creation of meeting minutes even easier to improve operational efficiency
Achievement in Japan’s National Medical Examination Generative AI Jointly Developed by alt Inc. and Fast Doctor Reaches Passing Score in National Medical Examination
Including Contraindication Questions
alt Inc. begins collaboration with BIZTEL, Japan's Top Share Cloud-based Call Center System
AI will help optimize corporate performance by enabling the widespread use of voice bots that automatically answer phone calls
alt Inc., Masterpiece, and Comdesign jointly develop large-scale language processing model LHTM-2 call center version
Next-generation automatic FAQ generation and response functionality implemented in AI-BPO Double BRAIN
alt Inc. Launches AI GIJIROKU 100 for Human Correction of Automatically Generated Transcripts
Achieves 100% accuracy in creating minutes by directly requesting corrections and sentence alignment
alt Inc. releases two additional free white papers on next-generation voicebot AI Call Center
The white papers provide success stories of overseas voicebot use and cost reduction
alt Inc. announces strengthening of business headquarters
Accelerating solutions to clients' issues and the social implementation of AI
alt Inc. collaborates with AI, Inc., a developer and provider of speech synthesis technology
The project is a demo for service provision using alt's large-scale language processing model LHTM-2 and ChatGPT
alt Inc. to incorporate internal voice recording function (alt Virtual Microphone) in AI GIJIROKU
Enables transcription of any audio played back on a PC
Clearing function introduced to AI GIJIROKU
AI GIJIROKU, Japan's most popular AI meeting minutes service, now includes clearing, AI summary, bookmark, agenda, and free memo functions in a one-stop platform for writing meeting minutes