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al+ AI Projects

Bring the future of digital clone engines to your business.
Based on Orutsu's philosophy of "co-creation of a new society," we will work closely with our customers to think about how to solve the problem with the power of AI / advanced technology, from problem extraction to planning.

  • 01al+ Communication / language processing

    01 al+コミュニケーション/言語処理

    Demonstration example: Dialogue engine for robots / Patent literature analysis / Pharmaceutical paper analysis / Legal document analysis, etc.

    Natural language processing refers to processing technology that analyzes the meaning of human languages (natural language), from "spoken language" used in communication to "written language" such as papers.
    Al +'s thinking dialogue engine creates great benefits in forming a more natural communication interface with users. We also possess cutting-edge technologies for practical natural language processing research such as patents and legal text analysis.

  • 02al+ Speech recognition / processing / conversion

    02 al+音声認識/処理/変換

    Demonstration example: Voice interactive EC call center / Voice emotion analysis / Automatic translation / Automatic minutes, etc.

    Speech recognition is a technology that converts speech data into text data using a computer. AI voice recognition supports voice search systems, minutes creation support, and is currently active in various business scenes.

  • 03al+ Image processing / recognition

    03 al+画像処理/認識

    Demonstration example: Dialogue engine for robots / Patent literature analysis / Pharmaceutical paper analysis / Legal document analysis, etc.

    With the advent of deep learning, the accuracy of AI (artificial intelligence) has dramatically improved, and it has become possible to extract complex features from images and videos, and the use of image recognition and analysis is now expanding. Advanced image recognition and image analysis using AI are being researched and developed and put into practical use from medical treatment to manufacturing and marketing.

  • 04al+ Data mining

    04 al+データマイニング

    Demonstration example: Stock price forecast / used car price forecast / demand forecast, etc.

    Data mining is a technology that extracts knowledge by comprehensively applying data analysis techniques to a large amount of data with AI (artificial intelligence). al + AI Solutions uses various machine learning algorithms to provide AI forecasts and recommendations using data mining such as demand forecasts, sales, stock prices, and product price fluctuation forecasts. In addition, we are accelerating the introduction to business by providing faster and more accurate problem solutions with AI optimization technology that utilizes the huge amount of data and computing power that humans cannot handle.

al+ Achievement examples

    • Premier Business Technology

      Premier Business Technology

      Training AI CAST uses Orutsu's communication AI as its core technology. With Orz's advanced natural language processing technology, Training AI automatically analyzes and interprets what the operator says and asks the next question according to the content.

      1. Client: Premier Business Technology
      2. Industry: Call center
      3. Service URL:
      4. Press release:


      Using AI by Ortz's natural language processing technology in the solution "imforce" that further integrates the system common platform "intra-mart" that supports business innovation of companies and the ERP "Biz∫" that integrates intra-mart. We provide help desk solutions.

      2. Industry: System integration
      3. Service URL:
      4. Press release:


      By introducing it to NSW's help desk business, the effects of improving customer satisfaction, equalizing response quality, shortening response time for chat operators, reducing education costs, improving telework rate, etc. will be realized by using Orz's natural language processing technology. It has been realized.

      1. Client: NIPPON SYSTEMWARE CO., LTD.
      2. Industry: System integration
      3. Press release:


      Developed a mail order voice order voice bot system that utilizes AI call center technology. AI can automatically respond to phone calls from customers and complete the actual order.

      1. Client: HAKUHODO CONNECT Inc.
      2. Industry: Contact center operation/direct marketing support business
    • JT


      Implemented a PoC aiming to fully automate diagnosis by substituting AI clones for diagnoses performed by human experts.
      By comparing human diagnosis results and AI diagnosis results, we will verify whether AI can produce more human-like diagnosis results, reduce the man-hours required for human diagnosis, and increase the number of diagnoses at the same time. realized.

      1. Client: JT
      2. Industry: Food
    • NTT-AT


      1. Client: NTT-AT
      2. Industry: Information and communication industry
      3. Press release:
    • NTT Resonant Incorporated

      NTT Resonant Incorporated

      Developed an AI agent application that utilizes the technology and knowledge of P.A.I. This app enables two-way communication between the user and an AI agent (character) through voice dialogue, realizing a conversation that understands the user's tastes and preferences.

      1. Client: NTT Resonant Incorporated
      2. Industry: Information and communication industry
      3. Press release:
    • TIS


      Conducted a PoC to verify whether an AI chatbot using natural language processing can replace counseling practice based on the cognitive behavioral therapy process.

      1. Client: TIS
      2. Industry: Information and communication industry / Service industry
    • Caster Co.Ltd.

      Caster Co.Ltd.

      In-house management system development using blockchain.
      In the first phase, we developed a browser plugin to manage passwords and a server-side blockchain. Passwords are managed by blockchain and can be automatically embedded in each site with a browser.

      1. Client: Caster Co.Ltd.
      2. Industry: BPO business
      3. Service URL:
    • Cross Marketing Inc.

      Cross Marketing Inc.

      Implemented a PoC to reduce the man-hours required for interview transcription by recognizing and texting the conversations of each speaker in group interviews and depth interviews (one-on-one interviews with interviewers and subjects). .

      1. Client: Cross Marketing Inc.
      2. Industry: Digital Marketing Business / Data Marketing Business / Insight Business
    • SoftBank Corp.

      SoftBank Corp.

      We have developed a technology that allows you to identify your location without turning on GPS on your smartphone. The estimates were made using data from bases emitting mobile radio waves and machine learning algorithms. Regarding accuracy, 80% was achieved within an error of 30m.

      1. Client: SoftBank Corp.
      2. Industry: Information and communication industry
    • Video Research Interactive Inc.

      Video Research Interactive Inc.

      1. Client: Video Research Interactive Inc.
      2. Industry: Media research, marketing research, etc.
      3. Service URL:
      4. Press release:
    • Masterpiece Group, Inc.

      Masterpiece Group, Inc.

      1. Client: Masterpiece Group, Inc.
      2. Industry: Contact center business, etc.
      3. Service URL:
      4. Press release:
    • Metal One Corporation.

      Metal One Corporation.

      Conducted PoC to develop new patent generation and invention support AI models to generate new patent ideas and approaches using AI. AI generates knowledge from model data accumulated in the past, and based on it, creates new patent ideas.

      1. Client: Metal One Corporation.
      2. Industry: Steel wholesale


      (1) Developed a system that recommends changes in the addition and removal type books (question and answer collection, QA collection, etc.) and automatically edits them due to changes in laws and regulations. Realize business DX by automating the editing work that has been done manually with AI.
      (2) AI automates the manual work of "law checking" and "preliminary reading" in the manuscript organizing process of newly published books. Realize cost benefits by improving the efficiency of work in business and replacing human work with AI.

      2. Industry: Information and communication industry


      Implemented PoC for brand personality generation AI chatbot development. AI bots have corporate brand personality and can communicate with users. Automatically generate answers that match the brand personality for questions from users.

      2. Industry: Advertising agency business
    • Osaka Metro Co., Ltd

      Osaka Metro Co., Ltd

      Developed an AI that predicts the number of train passengers on board. This AI verifies what kind of changes will occur in the number of passengers of railway users in the future when an unknown event such as the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) occurs.

      1. Client: Osaka Metro Co., Ltd
      2. Industry: land transportation
    • Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

      Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

      Using NeoRMR (, we implemented a PoC that can be used to respond to internal FAQs. Verification of whether or not it is possible to improve the efficiency of internal operations by responding to automatic FAQs.

      1. Client: Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation
      2. Industry: Information and communication industry
      3. Service URL:
    • Honyaku Center Inc.

      Honyaku Center Inc.

      1. Client: Honyaku Center Inc.
      2. Industry: Service industry
      3. Press release:
    • NSW Inc.

      NSW Inc.

      1. Client: NSW Inc.
      2. Industry: System integration
      3. Press release:


      AI helpdesk solution development for customer service and helpdesk operations. Provides NeoRMR engine. AI guesses the intention of the question and displays appropriate "past QA" to increase the self-solving rate of the questioner and equalize the answer quality.

      1. Client: NTT DATA BUSINESS SYSTEMS Corporation
      2. Industry: land transportation
      3. Press release:
    • Premier Business Technology Inc.

      Premier Business Technology Inc.

      An AI-based role-playing system developed to support the education of professionals who require conversational skills, such as contact centers, customer service, and interviews.
      Training new staff required a huge amount of time and effort, but by talking with the training AI, it is possible to instantly acquire the skills necessary for practice.

      1. Client: Premier Business Technology Inc.
      2. Industry: Call center

Example of our client

Development flow example




We will conduct hearings to find the most suitable proposal for collaboration.

  • Period: About 2 weeks to 1 month
  • Cost: Free




After hearing, we will propose the most suitable AI solution plan for the content of the collaboration.




We will set the optimum KPI and carry out PoC (proof of concept). The period is about 3 months and depends on the content of the implementation.

  • Period: About 3 months to 6 months
  • Cost: From 10 million yen


Production development


After verification by PoC, we will develop a service product for actual sales development.

  • Period: About 6 months to 1 year
  • Cost: From 30 million yen


Collaborative sales start


During operation, we will set milestones for verification, data tuning, re-learning, etc., and maximize the value of the service.

  • Period: About 2 weeks to 1 month
  • Cost: Free
  • Period: About 3 months to 6 months
  • Cost: From 10 million yen
  • Period: About 6 months to 1 year
  • Cost: From 30 million yen


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