Recruit Message

At Alt, we respect work diversity and work–life balance;
and recommend teleworking so that each employee can work according to their respective lifestyles.
Also, we are working on creating an environment which acts as a place to combine the experiences and values of all
our employees regardless of region, race, sex and age to create new possibilities where all employees can grow and shine.

Application Guidelines

Supervisory Engineer

We are looking for people who can develop our Personal Artificial Intelligence, it's accompanying underlying technology, products and services and simultaneously serve as a project manager.

Type of recruitment
Full-time employee
Required Qualifications

【Required Experience And Skills】

  • ・4 years or more experience in software development
  • ・Knowledge in Unix/Linux OS
  • ・Development experience with Java
  • ・Development experience cloud native applications in AWS
  • ・TOEIC score of more than 750 (English)

【People with the following are most welcome to join us】

  • ・Development experience in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and deep learning
  • ・Master's graduate from Graduate School of Science
  • ・Practical experience in international development projects in English
  • ・Practical experience in Ontology construction in natural language processing and graph theory
  • ・Someone who can work independently and yet cooperate with his peers to achieve a common goal

【Recruitment method】

  • Document screening→ interviews 1~2(with tests)→Hiring
Work Location

◆Work remotely

Meetings at TECH LABO (Every Wednesdy)
The SOHO Rm #1134,
2-7-4, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo,
Japan 135-0064

Working Hours
10:00~18:00(7 working hours)
Annual salary system (based on experience and skills)
Salary increase
Once annually (based on personnel evaluation)
Transport allowance (30,000 JPY max.)
Holiday / Vacation
Weekly two days off system (Saturdays, Sundays), public holidays, year-end holidays, paid annual leave, summer leave, condolence leave, prenatal leave, childcare leave, nursing care leave
  • ・Various insurance:Employment insurance, industrial accident insurance, health insurance, welfare annuity insurance
  • ・Regular health check-ups
  • ・PC lease
  • ・Enrolment to welfare benefit support system for member companies "CLUB CCI"

If you are interesting in working with us, please send a message from [Inquiry Form] write a position of your interest on a message.