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Utilizing advanced AI elemental technologies born from P.A.I., we develop AI solutions that can be used in any business.
We are making a huge impact on clients across a wide range of industries.



Large-scale language processing model from JapanOriginal LLM「LHTM-2」

"LHTM-2" is composed of the same number of parameters as GPT-3, a large-scale language processing model provided by OpenAI, and includes machine translation, automatic summarization, text generation, dialogue, etc. , can be used for various purposes. More specifically, by introducing "LHTM-2" to our "AI GIJIROKU" and "AI call center", we will be able to create more accurate minutes and have more natural and personalized dialogue. It becomes possible.



Automatic minutes toolAI GIJIROKU

Improving the productivity of each employee in an organization is now one of the most important issues we must address. By utilizing AI-related technology, Orts' research team has developed "AI GIJIROKU," which converts meeting minutes, which traditionally had to be transcribed from audio recordings or manually inputted handwritten notes, into text in real time. did. At Alts, we define streamlined meetings as "smart meetings," and in addition to visualizing meetings, we provide specific solutions for optimal employee work styles, and also support remote work, which is an important issue these days. We will continue to contribute to solving social issues such as: Thanks to your support, "AI GIJIROKU" has more than 7,000 customers so far, and it is used in a wide range of situations.

AI Callcenter

Unmanned 24 hours a day, 365 days a yearAI Callcenter

“AI Call Center” is a voice conversation AI solution that enables “free dialogue with AI” using natural language processing technology cultivated by Orts over many years of research and development in order to meet call center needs in the new normal era. By introducing an "AI call center", we will be able to reduce costs by more than 50% compared to conventional personnel costs, and create an environment where new operators can quickly learn from excellent operators by analyzing talk using AI. can do.

AI Tsuyaku

Enabling multilingual communication in online meetingsAI Tsuyaku

"AI Tsuyaku" is a simultaneous video and audio interpretation system that uses artificial intelligence. Instantly translate what you say in an online meeting, and rewrite audio and video at lightning speed. It gives you the ability to have multilingual conversations by allowing you to communicate as if you were speaking multiple languages.


No-code agent generation platformaltBRAIN

"altBRAIN" allows you to easily create a wide variety of agents without code, such as character generation for Nobunaga Oda and other celebrities, game strategy agents*, and interview agents that can be used for internal medicine and pediatric interviews. It is a platform that allows you to "altBRAIN" utilizes the capabilities of the large-scale language model "LHTM-2" developed and provided by alt, and has the flexibility to meet the needs of rapidly growing large-scale language models. You can quickly build agents for a variety of uses, from the entertainment field to in-house expert systems and FAQ systems. *Agent: Common name for software that performs processing on behalf of humans.


Generate digital clones by linking users' life logsCloneDev

"CLONEdev" is the world's first system that digitally reproduces the user's personality. By combining life log data stored in Alt's data storage system "alt ID" with technology such as language processing and image generation, we can understand each person's intentions by deriving the individuality of each person. produces output that can be interacted with. CLONEdev's cloning platform uses Alt's proprietary large-scale language model, LHTM-2, and since this model requires enormous computational resources, we will use our company's distributed computing platform. We will continue to collaborate with the "alt Emeth" project.


Questionnaire survey system using AI clone (P.A.I.)Nulltitude

"Nulltitude" is an AI clone survey system where a group of AI clones of human individuals respond to questionnaire surveys. The "Alt Clone Modeling Engine" developed by Alt, which extracts features of human thoughts and personality, clones the thoughts using the original human life log as learning material. To do. If you conduct a questionnaire on the AI clones generated here, you will receive answers that reflect the thoughts of the humans that formed the basis. This is carried out on multiple AI clones, and a total is collected and returned to the person conducting the survey.



Distributed computing platformEmeth

The distributed computing platform "EMETH" is a type of distributed computing, and it can be used by matching individuals and companies that need computer computing power with personal gaming PCs, data center servers, etc. This is a project that provides value to previously unused resources and creates a new economic cycle. One example of its use is attracting attention as a means of providing the computing power essential to operating AI. You can obtain the calculation results by dividing a job that requires large-scale calculations and requesting it to a complex of PCs and servers called nodes that are connected to the EMETH platform.