alt Partners with Busy Bee, a Subsidiary of HCS Holdings, to Digitally Transform Field Operations
The partnership aims to improve field operations such as inspections, repairs, construction, and deliveries by utilizing alt's solutions.
alt and Honyaku Center Launch Demonstration Experiment for Joint Product Development Using Generated AI
The collaboration aims to develop a service that automates and streamlines the production, translation, and management of foreign-language documents through AI.
alt and Video Research Launch Asclone, a Next-Generation Marketing Research Service
Asclone is a next-generation marketing research service that utilizes AI technology to generate digital clones with survey-specific attributes and obtains responses through interactive interviews.
Yusuke Narita Scheduled to Speak at alt Conference 2023: “Life or Death: The Destruction and Creation of Generative AI”
Yusuke Narita, an economist active in Japan and abroad, and Koji Hashimoto, a leading theoretical physicist, will participate in the conference.
alt Appears in HEADLIGHT In-Taxi Information Program
Introducing the company's self-developed generative AI, LHTM-2, alongside ChatGPT
Number of Companies Using alt’s AI GIJIROKU Surpasses 6,000
alt to Host alt Conference 2023 –“Life or Death : The Destruction and Creation of Generative AI ”– on Wednesday, May 24, from 3:00 to 6:30 p.m.
How will the world change with the development of generative AI? Hear the latest research from a variety of AI leaders!
AI GIJIROKU Equipped with AI Assistant function to Automatically Extract Important Points, To-Dos, Conclusions, and Agreements
Makes the automatic creation of meeting minutes even easier to improve operational efficiency
Achievement in Japan’s National Medical Examination Generative AI Jointly Developed by alt and Fast Doctor Reaches Passing Score in National Medical Examination
Including Contraindication Questions
alt begins collaboration with BIZTEL, Japan's Top Share Cloud-based Call Center System
AI will help optimize corporate performance by enabling the widespread use of voice bots that automatically answer phone calls