2024/04/05 and ADK Holdings jointly develop AI-CEO, an AI clone of ADK Group CEO Oyama
New employees welcomed with an AI-generated personalized message at ADK Group's FY2024 induction ceremony

alt Inc. (, the Japan-based developer and distributor of Personal Artificial Intelligence (P.A.I.®️) and AI clone technology (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Kazutaka Yonekura), has collaborated with ADK Holdings Inc. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Toshiya Oyama) to create AI-CEO, an AI clone of ADK Group CEO Toshiya Oyama, utilizing CLONEdev, a personality generation platform developed and provided by alt that enables digital reproduction of humans. AI-CEO welcomed each of the 125 new employees with a personalized message at the ADK Group's 2024 induction ceremony held on April 1, 2024.



The jointly developed AI-CEO is a generative AI solution that learned ADK Group's corporate information as well as the profiles of CEO Toshiya Oyama and 125 new employees in advance, and output an optimal welcome message for each new employee (left photo).


On the day of the induction ceremony, AI-CEO was placed in the lobby of the venue (right photo). When new employees gave their names through the display, a personalized welcome message was generated for each of them in real time. Through the AI experience, in which messages were delivered to each new employee by AI-CEO, simulating CEO Oyama's voice and appearance, CEO Oyama and the ADK Group conveyed a sense of welcome and high expectations to each new employee.


CEO Oyama himself, who took the stage at the main induction ceremony, gave a congratulatory speech to the new recruits in the era of generative AI, including the Group's vision, the future of the advertising marketing industry, and the latest trends in generative AI.



The ADK Group aims to provide valuable experiences to its clients' customers as a marketing partner that transcends the boundaries of a traditional advertising company. This measure was planned to provide new employees, the future leaders of the ADK Group, with the opportunity to experience the importance and enjoyment of customer experience through the latest technological experiences. In addition, the generated AI experience is one of the AI-related projects led by the AI CoE (Center of Excellence), a cross-company organization that examines and implements AI strategies for in-house AI utilization and external value provision within the ADK Group, and the project was planned with the aim of creating new experience designs using AI clones and AI creatives.



In addition to the exciting technology experience at the induction ceremony, the ADK Group is also implementing training programs on technologies like generative AI in this year's new employee training, and is focusing on human resource development that will lead to the creation of new customer experiences. Furthermore, AI CoE will continue to take the lead in exploring the possibilities of AI creativity such as AI-CEO, an AI clone, as well as a wide range of solutions and experience design through generative AI and digital technology.


In addition, alt will combine AI-generated text, video, voices and more to generate proof-of-concept AI clones that have learned the vision and profile of executives such as CEOs and CXOs. As a partner that discovers pressing issues faced by companies, presents specific solutions to them, and completes the process to achieve results, we utilize technologies including generative AI and advanced data analysis. We will continue to develop and provide productivity-enhancing solutions that are optimal for each industry and business.


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