alt Inc. begins collaboration with Deloitte Tohmatsu on social implementation of generative AI
Specialists in both AI development and customer issue resolution carefully and reliably support the utilization of generated AI in financial institutions

alt Inc.(, the Japan-based developer of Personal Artificial Intelligence (P.A.I.®️) and AI clones (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Kazutaka Yonekura), is pleased to announce a joint initiative with Deloitte Tohmatsu Group company, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Masato Sase), to promote the use of generative AI to solve client issues. The collaboration leverages alt's experience in developing its proprietary large language model (LLM) LHTM-2 and a range of related services.

The first phase of the initiative will target Japanese financial institutions, promoting the provision of solutions under the following three themes: (1) Improve employee literacy in generative AI through the use of AI clones, (2) Develop individual LLMs for each company to implement generative AI, and (3) Create new customer experiences using generative AI.

[Overview of three solutions to promote joint efforts]

1. Improve employee literacy in generative AI through the use of AI clones

From applications in public services to addressing climate change to transforming business functions, today's companies are looking now more than ever to leverage AI to differentiate themselves from competitors. In fact, AI-powered automation has been successfully implemented across a wide variety of industries and fields. As recently, it was assumed that AI's short-term effectiveness would come from its automation of operational skills. However, advances in generative AI are taking this roadmap in an unexpected direction. To understand how generative AI will impact your business, you need to understand what it is, what it can do, and what it still can't do. Increasing the generative AI literacy of all human resources, not just a small portion of a company, will directly lead to a company's adaptability and competitiveness.


In this joint initiative, we will utilize AI clones as a unique human resources development program to increase the AI literacy of employees. Specifically, in addition to developing content for general employees based on Deloitte Tohmatsu's knowledge of generative AI, employees will be able to use alt's altBRAIN to create their own AI clones, and in the process, we will understand how LLMs work and increase AI literacy. We believe this solution will be effective not only to acquire knowledge through lectures and generate use cases, but also to use LLMs to create AI clones on your own.


AI clones are not simply a learning tool; by continual learning and refinement of AI clones, an employee can effectively double their productivity. By jointly promoting the above approaches, Deloitte Tohmatsu and alt will contribute to a growth in competitiveness of Japanese companies.


2. Develop individual LLMs (large language models) for each company to implement generative AI

As more companies and organizations look to implement generative AI, and these businesses envision creative use cases, the limitations of general-purpose generative AI become apparent. In implementing such solutions, it is crucial to develop individual large language models (LLMs) tailored to reflect the unique expertise and data accumulated by each company, while mitigating the risk of data leakage to third parties.


The collaborative project will leverage Deloitte Tohmatsu's operational guidelines for LLMs and insights on security, alt's advanced LLM development expertise, and both companies' comprehensive problem-solving capabilities in management to address the specific challenges faced by Japanese companies. First of all, focusing on the Japanese financial industry, which handles large volumes of highly confidential information – and has high potential for productivity improvement due to regulatory requirements and document creation – the collaboration will set out to promote the optimal and secure construction of LLMs.


Individual LLMs need not be limited to tasks such as answering questions and generating ideas and dialogue; depending on their design, they can also be utilized for advanced tasks such as calculating user-specific optimal solutions and addressing detailed tasks unique to each company. In these cases, simply applying an LLM may not provide a solution; it is necessary to implement optimal outputs through various customizations and tuning while training on internal data. For example, developing individual LLMs for each financial institution helps eliminate the risk of information leakage – and allows the learning of each institution's specific business data, ultimately leading to increased productivity.


3. Create new customer experiences using generative AI

In financial institutions that match customer-specific needs with financial products, the digitization of customer touchpoints and improvement of customer experiences through AI have been under consideration for some time. However, there are various considerations such as the diversity and complexity of individual needs, the uniqueness and complexity of products offered by each financial institution, the confidentiality of information, and the diverse requirements of regulations. Therefore, compared to other industries, providing complete digitization alongside a user-friendly experience has long been considered challenging.


However, with the advancement and widespread adoption of generative AI and LLMs, areas where AI can replace or outperform humans have significantly increased. Additionally, the seamless collaboration between humans and technology is becoming a reality. This development is predicted to enable the creation of entirely new experiences for the customers of financial institutions.


By integrating Deloitte Tohmatsu's accumulated longstanding record of compliance in the financial business, expertise in customer experience design, and alt's top-ranked Japanese commercial private LLM technology, Deloitte Tohmatsu aims to drive initiatives that overturn the norms of customer experiences in the financial industry.





Deloitte Tohmatsu, drawing on a background of providing comprehensive support from proposal and strategic planning to execution for organizations across diverse sectors, offers AI adoption support services tailored to specific use cases. In the field of generative AI, the firm not only promotes the acquisition of specialized knowledge and utilization expertise by its dedicated team but also establishes a framework to support the appropriate utilization of generative AI for companies in every industry, including financial institutions. Through a well-developed ecosystem that includes AI startups, academia, and collaborative partners both in Japan and overseas, Deloitte Tohmatsu mobilizes resources to provide consulting services that contribute to innovation by assisting Japanese client companies in the construction and application of generative AI.


Since launching LHTM – a Japanese GPT – in 2019, alt has accumulated extensive experience through implementing products such as Nulltitude, altBRAIN, AI TSUYAKU, AI GIJIROKU, and CLONEdev, all of which utilize LHTM. More recently, alt has created a practical on small-scale GPU machines, parameter-optimized, new lightweight large language model called LHTM-OPT, achieving top performance as a Japanese commercial private LLM.


Leveraging this expertise in development, along with Deloitte Tohmatsu's industry-specific insights into the application of generative AI, alt and Deloitte Tohmatsu have established a joint support team to drive this initiative, in addition to launching services that accompany the utilization of generative AI and LLM. Together, the companies look forward to enhancing productivity among Japanese financial institutions in a dimension distinct from the past and creating new customer value that challenges established norms.


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