【9/4 (Friday) 13:00 – 14:30】 al+ Clone Conference ONE Webinar Will Be Held

al+ Clone conference ONE


It has been six months since COVID-19 hit the streets.


We had planned to hold another alt Conference this year, but in light of the social situation, we decided to hold an online webinar instead.


At the beginning of the webinar, Mr. Yonekura will speak about the impact of digital cloning on the industry.


After, Yonekura will discuss the world's first AI questionnaire system "Nulltitude" and Japan's first subscribed AI minute taking software, from development to commercialization.


He will also talk about Emeth (a global distributed computing resource network), a platform that networks the excess capacity of computers and servers scattered around the world via the Internet to secure the large-scale computing power necessary for learning artificial intelligence, and the development of a new system to support the education of professionals who are required to have conversational skills such as customer service and interviewing. In addition to Emeth and training AI CAST, which is an AI-type role-playing system developed to support the education of professionals who require conversational skills in their duties, we will be introducing many of our latest products.


We will also be welcoming three guests to speak at the event.


This is a must-see session in which you can get a closer look at the future of AI with gorgeous AI researchers. It is especially beneficial for those in charge of promoting DX through the introduction of AI solutions, companies that are considering new products through alliances with AI companies,  and students and researchers with a strong interest in AI


If you want to experience the latest AI technology, please join us.


Date and time
September 4, 2020 (Friday) 13:00~14:30
On-demand online seminar using zoom.

Free of charge

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This conference is limited to 100 participants.
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