Joint Research Agreement With Prof. Dr. Tung Nguyen of Thuyloi University And His Laboratory To Establish Vietnam Artificial Intelligence R & D Base

Academia-Industrial Collaboration in Vietnam

Alt Inc. (CEO:Mr. Kazutaka Yonekura, Location: Koto-ku, Tokyo) has concluded a joint research agreement on natural language processing and machine learning with Prof. Dr. Tung Nguyen of Thuyloi University And His Laboratory .

Alt Inc. is a company that develops the world’s first Personalized Artificial Intelligence (hereinafter referred to as “P.A.I.”) app ”al+”. We have proceeded to establish an artificial intelligence development base in Vietnam aiming at further improvement of technical aspects in the future. Our cooperation with Prof. Dr. Tung Nguyen is a foothold for that.

In Vietnam, a large number of multinational corporations are developing artificial intelligence research and development bases in recent years. In accordance with that, researchers and engineers are gathering to perform high-quality researches.

Alt, Inc. will collaborate with Dr. Tung Nguyen's laboratory to start research on natural language processing and machine learning, and will gradually expand our research system.


About Dr. Tung Nguyen


Present、Professor of Thuyloi University Dean of Information Technology Faculty
Majored in Information Technology in Vietnam National University, Hanoi. Acquired Bachelor and Masters in Science. Acquired Ph.d. from Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Former Visiting Researcher, Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIAMS).Former Visiting Researcher of Big Data Laboratory of Shenzhen University.

■Field of Expertise
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Classification Theory, Statistical Learning Theory
Recursive Ensemble Theory of Multidimensional Data




al+ is a P.A.I. application that acquires and learns the user’s thinking patterns through its linkage to a broad range of SNS (Social Network System) and applications the user regularly utilizes. al+ thus generates a virtual copy of the user’s personality on the application.

al+ has three engines offering three levels of artificial intelligence and integrates these different intelligences to produce more flexible and human-like cognitive functions.

It also features macro analytical monitoring of the collective behavior of al+ users at all times, and independently learns from that virtual community of users those thought patterns which can’t be gleaned from a single user. As the number of users grows, the improvement in the precision of its community thinking will accelerate, and this will, in turn, improve the accuracy of learning the cognitive workings of individual users.

Alt Inc. will implement these features of al+ to more accurately realize the re-creation of individual user personalities through P.A.I.