Invited Takuma Sato from JINS MEME Developer RelationsJINS MEME and hosted the 2nd "Future of AI × IoT Vol. 2" IoT study group

2nd “Future of AI x IoT” Meetup for engineers&creators only

al+ invited developers from JINS MEME and various top runners from the AI × IoT field to host the 2nd "Future of AI × IoT" meetup event for engineer&creators only to speak about their own activities.

We have invited Mr. Kazuaki Inoue from JINS MEME Gr business development, and Mr. Takuma Sato from JINS MEME Developer Relations as this time’s speakers to directly talk about the development secrets and products which has never been disclosed anywhere else before.

In the talk session, Mr. Nishimura, Chief Programmer of Alt, Inc.also joined in to unfold deep talks about AI and JINS 's product creation.





JINS MEME is a wearable eyewear developed based on the concept that allows you to look inside yourself. Based on biometric data detected by JINS MEME, the JINS MEME application insights helps you see yourself. JINS MEME is a better tool to change into a "Better Me".

It carries a 3-point electrooculography sensor (patented) that detects eye movement and a 6-axis sensor that captures movement of the body. You can send the biometric data detected by JINS MEME to your smartphone and enjoy the application on your smartphone. (Quoted from official website)
JINS MEME [TURN IT ON - From sights to insights]