Announcement of JSAI President as Alt, Inc’s Tech Advisor

Further Technical Reinforcement of Artificial Intelligence

Alt Inc. (CEO:Mr. Kazutaka Yonekura, Location: Koto-ku, Tokyo) is a company that develops the world’s first Personalized Artificial Intelligence (hereinafter referred to as “P.A.I.”) app ”al+”

We hereby announce the appointment of Dr. Hitoshi Matsubara as Alt’s technical advisor to further improve our app’s technical aspects in the future.

Dr. Matsubara is well-known as a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence in Japan. Alt, Inc. aims to exploit his wealth of experience and knowledge in the discipline to strengthen the technical aspects of our artificial intelligence development while reinforcing our development system.


About Mr. Hitoshi Matsubara


Graduated from Tokyo University’s Graduate School of Information Technology and Science in 1986. Joined the Electrotechnical Laboratory, Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, in 1986. Obtained Ph.D. from Tokyo University in March 1986. The first recipient of the Computer Shogi Association (CSA) Award. Recipient of CSA Author Award. Served as secretary and chair of the Game Informatics Research Group, the Information Processing Society of Japan. Served as chair and executive director, the RoboCup Japanese National Committee. Currently professor, School of Systems Information Science, Future University Hakodate, and president of the Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence.


Background of the appointment


In recent years artificial intelligence has been attracting much attention in a number of areas. It’s projected that the artificial intelligence industry will grow to 4.8 trillion yen by 2027 (Projected by Gartner Research)

Alt Inc. is aiming to become the frontrunner in this field in Asia, and one of its strategies is to actively seek out knowledge and expertise in and out of the company. Dr. Matsubara will provide advice on the development of artificial intelligence and related products based on his advanced expertise in the field.

Alt, Inc. hopes to advance its technologies and accelerate the project development, thus pushing forward to a world where artificial intelligence works for better communities.


About al+


al+ is a P.A.I. application that acquires and learns the user’s thinking patterns through its linkage to a broad range of SNS (Social Network System) and applications the user regularly utilizes. al+ thus generates a virtual copy of the user’s personality on the application.

al+ has three engines offering three levels of artificial intelligence and integrates these different intelligences to produce more flexible and human-like cognitive functions.

It also features macro analytical monitoring of the collective behavior of al+ users at all times, and independently learns from that virtual community of users those thought patterns which can’t be gleaned from a single user. As the number of users grows, the improvement in the precision of its community thinking will accelerate, and this will, in turn, improve the accuracy of learning the cognitive workings of individual users.

Alt Inc. will implement these features of al+ to more accurately realize the re-creation of individual user personalities through P.A.I.