To Participate in the 23rd “Annual NLP” Conference from March 13, 2017 (Monday) - March 17 (Friday) As a Platinum Sponsor

Introduction of al+’s latest technology at the NLP Annual Conference booth

Participated in the 23rd “Annual NLP” Conference from March 13, 2017 (Monday) - March 17 (Friday) as a platinum sponsor.


■Platinum Sponsors


Yahoo! Japan Corporation, D.N. Corporation, Google Inc., Recruit Technologies Co., Ltd., Nikkei Inc., CyberAgent Inc., Rakuten Inc., Baidu Inc., transcosmos inc., Denso IT Laboratory Inc., Cross Language Inc.., PKSHA Technology Inc., Alt, Inc. (in no particular order)


About The Association for Natural Language Processing


In recent years, the importance of research on theories, algorithms and systems related to language processing has been increasing, the importance of language processing research mainly in the United States and Europe has also increased, and there is a need for a place where researchers of linguistics and computer science can commonly discuss.

The Association for Natural Language Processing was established on April 1, 1994, as a place for presenting language processing research findings in Japan as well as a venue for international academic exchanges.(Quoted from the official website)


■Scope of activities in the association

Phonology, morphology, syntactic theory, semantics, pragmatics, semiotics, metrology, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, control linguistics, cognitive linguistics, sociolinguistics
Computer dictionary, terminology, electronic dictionary, text database, documentation
Language processing algorithm, hardware / software for language processing, analysis / generation system, language understanding, dialog understanding, speech understanding, discourse understanding, speech language processing
Word processor, machine translation, information retrieval, interactive system, natural language interface, hypertext etc.