alt Inc. becomes world’s first company to pay salaries to employees’ AI clones
Revolutionizing labor and compensation with generative AI–based clones, setting a new standard for productivity improvement and economic benefits

alt Inc.(, the Japan-based developer and distributor of Personal Artificial Intelligence (P.A.I.®️) and AI clone technology (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Kazutaka Yonekura), has been advancing the AI-ization (AI clone creation) of all its employees. Today, we are pleased to announce the world's first* salary system that pays employees for the work done by their clones. The clones were created using altBRAIN (, a no-code generative AI platform based on our proprietary large language model, LHTM-2.


*As of December 11, 2023, based on our research, ours is the world's first and only salary system that pays additional salaries to the employees themselves based on the productivity of their AI clones.



At alt Inc., we are creating clones of each of our approximately 100 employees and putting them to work, replacing daily tasks and information sharing with AI. Each clone aggregates information from negotiations, internal meetings accumulated by AI GIJIROKU, daily communication on Slack, various work data on Google (documents, emails, etc.), as well as data from specified websites, CSVs, PDFs, and other file formats. In addition, by incorporating personal interests and preferences, the clones undergo daily learning to reach a level where they can reproduce the individual's thought process.


Since AI clones are not constrained by time or place, they can answer questions from other employees or perform tasks on behalf of the employee--even when the employee is on vacation. This improves the continuity and productivity of work, facilitating flexible work styles not only for the individual but also for the entire team. In addition, we expect that the use of clones will create added value that cannot be produced by humans alone.


Each alt employee sets up how their clone will be used, from sales, human resources, recruitment, and administrative tasks to new employee training. For example, alt Inc.'s consultants use clones in customer proposal situations, contributing significantly to building better customer relationships by searching for and delivering key information in real time.




AI DX Consultant Principal and Business Development Manager, Junki Komura

Explanation Video of Specific Use Cases of Employee AI-ization Activity



This time, alt has introduced a salary system that adds to employees' salaries based on the productivity of their clones. Using their clones, employees can increase their efficiency and concentrate more on work that only humans can do--creating new value, which is returned to the individual as a direct benefit in the form of salary.


This initiative is expected to not only pave the way for more efficient and flexible work styles, but also create economic incentives to continue the development of AI clones in the future. Through this new salary system, alt hopes to create an environment where each employee can fully demonstrate their abilities and play a part in providing new value to society.


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We will continue to strive for research, development and service provision towards a society where people are valued without being bound by constraints like time and space--and for the realization of our mission, "Freedom from unproductive labor."



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▶About altBRAIN

altBRAIN is a generative AI platform developed and distributed by alt Inc., utilizing the capabilities of their large language model LHTM-2. The platform enables the easy, no-code creation of a diverse range of BRAINs, including historical figures and celebrities like Oda Nobunaga, a game strategy BRAIN, and diagnostic BRAINs for fields such as internal medicine and pediatrics.

*Official launch and service started in September 2023:



■About alt Inc.

Established in November 2014, alt Inc. is a venture firm with the mission of freeing humankind from non-creative/unproductive labor through the creation of P.A.I.®️ (Personal Artificial Intelligence) and AI clones. We also develop and provide SaaS products such as AI GIJIROKU, which utilizes speech recognition technology born from the development of AI dialogue engines. As of September 2023, our cumulative funding has reached over 8 billion yen.



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