Mr. Danushka Bollegala, Associate Professor of The University of Liverpool assumes position as technical advisor for al+

Strengthening Of Research On Semantic Analysis In Sentences

Alt, Inc. which has developed ”al+”, the Personal Artificial Intelligence (P.A.I.) (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, CEO, Mr. Kazutaka Yonekura) welcomes Associate Professor Danushka Bollegala of The University of Liverpool, UK, as a technical adviser , strengthening research on semantic analysis in sentences.

In the Personal Artificial Intelligence Development, al+ regards Natural Language Processing Technology, which controls the core of communication as one of its top priorities. The fact that artificial intelligence accurately recognizes human natural language input forms the basis of all subsequent processing.

Mr. Danushka Bollegala is an authority on learning and analysis of semantic expressions in sentences and has earned high praise for advanced researches such as automatic question and answering systems. He is also active as one of the authors of important books on artificial intelligence related to technology research such as "Deep learning (modern science company)" and "Tokyo University Engineering Curriculum Information Engineering knowledge information processing (Maruzen publishing)". With this invitation, we introduced the knowledge of Mr. Danushka Bollegala to the Personal Artificial Intelligence developed by al+ and aim to realize a higher accuracy in the natural language input section occupying the most important position of the man-machine interface.

About Danushka Bollegala


PhD in Information Science and Technology), Associate Professor of The University of Liverpool.
Completed doctoral course at the University of Tokyo Graduate School Of Information Science And Engineering
Associate professor, Lecturer, Department of Electronics and Informatics, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo.

Conducts research and educational activities as Associate Professor of Computer Science at The University of Liverpool, UK in natural language processing, web data mining, artificial intelligence and statistical Machine Learning. He serves as the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council Judge.