Announcement – Mr. Takahiro Ikushima of Mathematical Science Advanced Technology Laboratory Co., Ltd. joins alt Inc. as Adviser

The developer of “alt”, a P.A.I. (Personal Artificial Intelligence) (* 1), alt Inc. (alt) is pleased to announce that Mr. Takahiro Ikushima, Chief Executive Officer, Mathematical Science Advanced Technology Laboratory Co., Ltd. has joined as an Adviser.


alt has been designing and developing a distributed personal data platform, “alt Stack” (* 2).  This is a storage system storing any and all data linked to an individual under a guarantee of confidentiality and immutability by the use of encryption and blockchain technologies employing a decentralized mechanism where only that particular individual is authorized to control. “alt Stack” will make it possible for “individuals to reclaim ownership of their personal data”.

Mr. Takahiro Ikushima of Mathematical Science Advanced Technology Laboratory Co., Ltd., who is a data scientist and handles projects related to artificial intelligence himself, will render his expertise at this time so that alt could further deepen the business model based on Personal Data Store (PDS) or could work on further accelerating and implementing the base development of “alt Stack”.

In addition, we would like to earn the support of Mr. Ikushima in view of his abundant experience in projects relating to artificial intelligence and high performance computing system and his profound knowledge on extensive fields.  Thereby, our objective is to receive guidance from Mr. Ikushima in order to further enhance the technology of developing artificial intelligence by alt and to strengthen our organization for development.


[Profile of Mr. Takahiro Ikushima]


Since establishing the company in 2007, Mr. Ikushima has been conducting research and development on numerical calculation, formula processing, control system, data mining, machine learning, HPC (High Performance Computing) and knowledge system.  The targeted areas are nuclear fusion, space, material structure, biotechnology, medical care and finance, and solutions are provided to cutting edge issues in each area.  Plannings and proposals in areas such as technology keyword, cloud, big data, open data, AI, IoT, blockchain and ecosystem and proposals through investigation and research on AI are being made.  More recently, trend analysis on AI relating to philosophy, ethics, sociology, political science and economics are being conducted.



*1 P.A.I.
"P.A.I." is an AI that aims to digitize our own intentions and place it onto the cloud to make the clone do any digital work. "P.A.I." is a registered trademark of alt.


* 2  alt Stack

“alt Stack” is a distributed personal data storage platform that can store an individual’s data securely and permanently.

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