alt Inc. Announces "al+ stack" Distributed Personal Data Storage Platform

alt Inc. has announced "al+ stack" distributed personal data storage platform, capable of securely and perpetually saving personal data. The al+ stack uses a distributed personal data platform designed for individuals to have full ownership of their own personal data. It uses both encryption and blockchain technologies to assure the confidentiality of all kinds of data associated with individuals, including text and images, as well as preventing that data from being falsified.

The al+ stack comprises three elements:
• Storage memory, which is public, shared, and distributed database storage,
• alt stack tack data collector, which is a data collection mechanism made available by alt Inc., and
• "stack" device, to be published and made available shortly.
This platform will be made available for both individual and business use.

When individuals use the al+ stack, they can reclaim ownership of their data, with explicit rights to their own data, that enables them to take full control over how data is used. In addition, individual users can selectively allow access to their personal data depending on the services they use. Using the "stack" device will serve to address data portability needs for those who wish to carry their data with them.

Until now, businesses had been limited to the use of data that they themselves had collected. When individual users have the option to make their own data available, it will allow businesses to access activity and content that users have accumulated with other services.

alt Inc. currently envisions the use of browsers to extract data maintained on the al+ stack, with smart speakers and smart phones as the devices that can host our interface. Moving forward, not only will the development and addition of proprietary browsers be possible, there will also be an expansion of the alt browser ecosystem as more and more businesses and organizations work with us.