2024/07/03 develops "smartQA" with e-Associates to provide AI support for anticipated questions and answers at shareholder meetings
Accelerating DX of shareholder meetings at listed companies using generative AI to provide total support for IR strategies
2024/06/27 establish JV "LUVO Inc." with Caster on September 1, 2024
Aiming to improve productivity through product development and service operation utilizing generative AI
2024/06/21, digital clones lead proposals to the Japanese government
Discussing the future of personal AI and the state of AI in Japan with the Liberal Democratic Party's digital society promotion headquarters
2024/06/19 collaborates with Shinwa Kensetsu Kogyo on Japan's first implementation of digital clones for business succession
Connecting AI clones that carry management's strategic thinking and know-how to the next generation of management in the diversifying construction industry
2024/06/10 announces collaboration with France-based generative AI startup Gladia
Working to strengthen technical collaboration and global marketing between both companies in the fields of speech recognition and reading
2024/06/06 exhibits at the APPS JAPAN 2024 ー Digital Human EXPO
2024/05/23 certified as NVIDIA Inception Program Partner
Proceed to development and operation of LLM, further strengthening of distributed computing platform EMETH
2024/05/23 begins working with Caster to form JV
The companies start considering product development and service operation utilizing generative AI
2024/05/21 announces collaboration with Databricks
Enabling “AI in action” in enterprise with DX solutions that utilize data structuring and AI products
2024/05/20 exhibits at the NexTech Week Tokyo 2024 (AI/Artificial Intelligence EXPO)