alt Inc. becomes world’s first company to pay salaries to employees’ AI clones
~Revolutionizing labor and compensation with generative AI–based clones, setting a new standard for productivity improvement and economic benefits~
alt Inc. selected in Nikkei XTREND's 100 Companies Creating the Future Market
alt Inc. begins collaboration with Deloitte Tohmatsu on social implementation of generative AI
~Specialists in both AI development and customer issue resolution carefully and reliably support the utilization of generated AI in financial institutions~
alt Inc. and Tokyo Shoseki begin proof of concept for AI Learning Assistants utilizing large language models
~Developing a new learning service with expertise and personality, utilizing generative AI as a platform for future learning~
alt Inc. and Asahi Intelligence Service form sales partnership for AI GIJIROKU
~Leveraging alt's technology and the expertise and unique know-how that Asahi Intelligence Service has cultivated over the years, we aim to contribute to Japan's DX~
alt Inc.'s AI GIJIROKU surpasses 7,000 corporate users!
~Transforming business with an innovative meeting minutes tool using generative AI and personalization features~
alt Inc. announces LHTM-OPT, a lightweight, high accuracy large language model
~The model achieved the highest score in the Rakuda benchmark for Japanese LLMs, making it the most accurate commercial private LLM in Japan~
alt Inc. equips AI GIJIROKU with alt Personal Agent Function
~Enabling seamless interaction with AI with no need to switch applications or windows, providing smoother support for business operations~
alt Inc. cumulative funding exceeds 8 billion yen, accelerating the reinforcement of AI technology base including LLM
〜alt establishes the position of the Asian version of OpenAI as a pioneer in personal artificial intelligence research and achieving further technological superiority〜
alt Inc. collaborates with oVice to accelerate DX combining virtual office and personal AI technology
〜The two companies have raised a total of 14.8 billion yen, realizing a new way of working through one of Japan's leading tech ventures〜