Toyo Keizei Online Mr. Makoto Shiono expresses consensus towards Alt, Inc.’s “Power To The People”, “The Power Of Individuals” are the greatest! in his popular article "professional dialogue" is "the power of individuals" , Special Edition.

The Feeling of Power To The People

Alt, Inc’s “Democratization of AI –the feeling of “Power To The People” receives consensus, was posted in three consecutive issues of Toyo Kezai’s popular series, “Professional Dialogue".
The interviewer of this article is Mr. Masashi Shiono, Managing Director of Industrial Growth Platform, Inc.


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■First Issue
Subordinates are not required! “The Power of Individuals” are the greatest
Redundant work increases as staff increases

■Second Issue
"Management of subordinates" is the ultimate waste
It is paramount to make a structure to work alone with only one person

■Third Issue
“Big Brother”’s AI domination is too dangerous
"Personal A.I." is a democratization movement of Artificial Intelligence



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Mr. Makoto Shiono, Managing Director of the Industrial Growth Platform, Inc., converses with the next-generation leader to draw out the inner thoughts about career corner
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