Third party Allocation of New Shares to East Ventures

Further Technical Reinforcement of Artificial Intelligence Accelerating The Development of Artificial Intelligence

We hereby announce that Alt Inc. (head office: Koto Ward, Tokyo; CEO: Kazutaka Yonekura), a provider of personal artificial intelligence (P.A.I.) “alt” used to create copies of individual personalities, issued third party allocation of new shares (amount not open to the public) to East Ventures (head office: Minato Ward, Tokyo; Partners: Taiga Matsuyama, Batara Eto).

We have been inviting specialists/researchers in personal artificial intelligence from different countries and have enhanced our research and development systems. With the improvement of practical technologies and broadened knowledge in the P.A.I. field, we are making P.A.I. resemble human beings more rapidly. This capital addition will help us strengthen our research and development systems even further, so that we can contribute to the solution of various issues in society.


About “alt”, the Personal Artificial Intelligence (P.A.I.)


al+ is a Personal Artificial Intelligence which reconstructs individual personalities on the cloud by analyzing life log data of individuals and their groups. Based on the analysis of individual personalities, unproductive parts of labour will be automated and alt’s operating efficiency will be maximized.

al+ users can focus on more productive, creative and sophisticated work. Using this methodology, we sincerely hope to contribute to the solution of different kinds of social problems.