alt Conference 2024, “The Shock of ZERO – AI and Humans: Change or Slavery?” to feature Heizo Takenaka on stage!
Kentaro Inui, professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Tohoku University; Takahiro Ikushima, Mathematical Science Advanced Technology Laboratory; and other distinguished guests to participate
alt Inc. aims to create 50 million AI clones by 2030 to accelerate the transition of current work to AI
Reinforcing the workforce with AI clones to achieve Japan's GDP goal of $10 trillion
alt Inc. releases the highly anticipated mobile app version of its no-code generative AI platform altBRAIN!
Bring BRAIN to the palm of your hand. Your AI clone and BRAIN become even closer to you and make your daily life smarter.
alt Inc. begins world's first proof of concept using clone matching in the medical x HR field with M3 Career
Utilizing a large language model (LLM) to mediate between cloned job seekers and job listings via an AI agent
alt Inc. to host alt Conference 2024, “The Shock of ZERO – AI and Humans : Change or Slavery?” on Thursday, March 28
A day of stimulating discussion on the new era of technology and economics created by AI
alt Inc. becomes world’s first company to pay salaries to employees’ AI clones
Revolutionizing labor and compensation with generative AI–based clones, setting a new standard for productivity improvement and economic benefits
alt Inc. selected in Nikkei XTREND's 100 Companies Creating the Future Market
alt Inc. begins collaboration with Deloitte Tohmatsu on social implementation of generative AI
Specialists in both AI development and customer issue resolution carefully and reliably support the utilization of generated AI in financial institutions
alt Inc. and Tokyo Shoseki begin proof of concept for AI Learning Assistants utilizing large language models
Developing a new learning service with expertise and personality, utilizing generative AI as a platform for future learning
alt Inc. and Asahi Intelligence Service form sales partnership for AI GIJIROKU
Leveraging alt's technology and the expertise and unique know-how that Asahi Intelligence Service has cultivated over the years, we aim to contribute to Japan's DX