alt Inc. creates a clone of Kou Takimoto, President of Dentsu Digital, using CLONEdev, open to all employees at an all-employee event
~Creating a new form of corporate communication using LLMs (large language models)~
alt Inc. introduces individual LLM development contracts for companies with 175 billion parameters, starting at approx.¥2B
~Providing Optimal LLM construction in accordance with output needs, from several hundred million to over 175 billion parameters~
alt Inc.'s no-code BRAIN generation platform altBRAIN produces AI-generated escape games
〜A new horizon for game production, made possible by our original large-scale language model LHTM-2.
alt Inc. adds Personal Agent to AI GIJIROKU and Realizes World's First Function to Automatically Generate Summaries of Multiple Meetings Across the Board
~AI automatically detects the transition of each meeting and enables automatic extraction of summaries, decision items, and to-do lists~
Free archived video of "alt Conference 2023 – Life or Death: Generative AI Brings Destruction and Creation" now available!
The event, in which Yusuke Narita and other guests discussed the future of human beings and generative AI, is now available once again!
alt Inc. joins Para Sports Promotion Network as a supporting member
alt Inc. completes Acquisition of Japan's No. 2 Human Transcription Business
~Human-in-the-Loop accelerates AI accuracy improvement ~
Listed Companies Participating in alt Inc.'s LHTM-2 Assessment Surpass 100
~Building business substitution AI using customizable large-scale language models (LLMs) to achieve true DX~
alt Inc. and JR West Accelerate Development and Application of "Railway Command Operations Assist AI" for Railway DX
〜 AI to achieve the same level of operational command as humans for restoration of operations during schedule disruptions 〜
alt Inc. announces Alpha Version of altBRAIN No-Code Agent Generation Platform
〜Exploring new possibilities for communication with a next-generation platform based on LHTM-2〜