First National University AI Research Center Presentation by our CEO, Mr. Yonekura at the Artificial Intelligence eXploration Research CenterCenter's "Kickoff Symposium: AI for whom?"

Speaker P.A.I. in the Collaborative Companies Session Introduction of latest technology such as MLMG

"Artificial Intelligence eXploration Research Center Kickoff Symposium AI for whom?" was jointly held in March 16, 2017 at the “Artificial Intelligence eXploration Research Center”, the first National University’s artificial intelligence research base set up by the University of Electro-Communications with al+.

The symposium was organized in three parts, Mr. Yonekura, our CEO participation in the collaborative third company session to introduce our Personal Artificial Intelligence (P.A.I) and MLMG (Machine Learning Material Generator) which automatically generates 3D animation images, supervised data for enhancing the accuracy of machine learning.

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About the Artificial Intelligence eXploration Research Center”


The University of Electro-Communications gathers artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, computer science and service science researchers and the "Artificial Intelligence eXploration Research Center (AIX)" is the first national university AI research center to be established. (Dated July 1, 2016)

In an attempt to realize the “general purpose artificial intelligence coexisting with human beings” making "AI for Science", "AI for Service", "AI for Design" the 3 pillars, we aim to realize "general-purpose artificial intelligence coexisting with people" which forms the core of general purpose artificial intelligence to coexist with people, collaborating with companies to promote research.

■Collaborating companies
Dentsu Inc., XCompass Intelligence, Ltd, Scigineer Inc., Alt, Inc., Next Inc.(In no particular order · as of June 30, 2016)


Media publications


The details of the day were written into an article by Mr. Kazumichi Moriyama, science author and posted on PCWatch. Contents presented by our CEO were also introduced. Please do not miss it.

■"Interface between human and machine" by Kazumichi Moriyama
Concept aimed for is “An AI Monster”? Hosting of Artificial Intelligence eXploration Research Center, UEC, “AIX” kickoff symposium