2024/05/23 certified as NVIDIA Inception Program Partner
Proceed to development and operation of LLM, further strengthening of distributed computing platform EMETH

alt Inc. (, the Japan-based developer and distributor of Personal Artificial Intelligence (P.A.I.®️) and AI clone technology (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Kazutaka Yonekura), is pleased to announce that it has been certified as a partner company of the NVIDIA Inception Program, an AI startup support program operated by NVIDIA Corporation (head office: California, USA), a leading company in GPU-powered AI computing.

By strengthening its collaboration with NVIDIA, a global GPU provider, alt will not only develop in-house large language models (LLMs) and products based on them, but also strengthen solutions such as its distributed computation platform EMETH, which is already in service, and the GPU hosting service EMETH GPU POOL.


The NVIDIA Inception Program* is a free program designed to foster startups developing innovative technologies in the fields of AI and deep learning. NVIDIA supports the startups that qualify for the program by providing access to cutting-edge technology, technical resources, and opportunities to interact with venture capitalists.


Certified companies, including alt, will continue to receive various tools to support their growth, such as credits from the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, a digital skills development program provided by NVIDIA, and marketing and technical support.



For more information on this and other projects utilizing LLMs, please reach out to the alliance contact point below.



▶For inquiries about LHTM-2/LHTM-OPT/GPT and other large language models solutions



■About alt Inc.

Founded in November 2014, alt is a startup that "aims to free people from unproductive labor" by creating P.A.I.®️ (Personal Artificial Intelligence) and AI clones. We also develop and provide various AI products that utilize our variety of foundational AI technologies, including generative AI, a proprietary LLM, and speech recognition technologies. As of April 2024, alt has raised over 10 billion yen.



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