2024/03/28 announces CloneM&A, an LLM-powered M&A matching system
Instantly achieve ideal M&A matching through virtual interviews between corporate clones

alt Inc. (, the Japan-based developer and distributor of Personal Artificial Intelligence (P.A.I.®️) and AI clone technology (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Kazutaka Yonekura), is pleased to announce CloneM&A, an innovative merger and acquisition matching system utilizing LHTM-2, a large language model developed by alt. CloneM&A achieves optimal M&A matching by creating clones of both companies and conducting a virtual interview between the clone of the selling company and the clone of the buying company.



In recent years, the aging of business owners has made business succession a major social issue. It has been pointed out that the number of companies at risk of going out of business due to the absence of successors currently exceeds 600,000 nationwide, risking the loss of approximately 22 trillion yen in GDP. However, the number of M&A transactions has remained at around 4,000* per year in recent years, resulting in an imbalance between supply and demand.

*As of March 28, 2024, own research


It is also clear that, among other psychological factors, the following matching-related issues rank as the top barriers to a seller company's consideration of M&A*(1) not being able to find a buyer, (2) lack of information to help make a decision, and (3) not knowing whether the expected alliance effects will be achieved. 

*Research conducted by The Japan Research Institute, Limited.


In order to fundamentally solve these issues in the M&A domain, we have developed CloneM&A.


CloneM&A generates a clone of the seller company based on dialogue with an AI agent, past negotiation data, and business documents. Then, by conducting virtual interviews with a large number of clones of buyer companies generated from public information, negotiation data and more, the most suitable buyer companies for the seller company are presented in order of matching score.



CloneM&A matching list demo screen



Conventional M&A is dominated by advisors' personal matching or keyword matching, but CloneM&A uses cloning and natural language processing to enable a vast number of matches. In this way, it’s possible to clearly demonstrate to the seller company the reasons for matching with each of the buyer companies and the synergies of the alliance, facilitating the realization of M&A with a sense of conviction from the initial stage of consideration.


Starting with CloneM&A, alt hopes to use the power of AI to solve all problems that exist in the M&A field, and we will leverage our many years of experience and achievements in the field of AI to work toward drastic solutions to social issues throughout Japan.



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