Saturday, March 2 22:00 JST: TV Asahi "Hasshin! Mirai Creator" Vol. 8
Yonekura will appear in the television special program, “AI Has Come This Far”

Saturday, March 2, 2024 from 22:00 JST

MC Sandwichman

On TV Asahi's "Hatsushin! Mirai Creator" Vol. 8: “AI Has Come This Far” comes the special program,

Yonekura will appear as a Japanese creator who is attracting attention from around the world!

Check it out!


Will we live in an age of symbiosis with personal clone technology?

 Sandwichman will look into the future of AI!



【Program Overview】

Will Mirai Creator save the earth!?

Sandwichman was surprised! The《Mirai Creators》will present their daring Mirai plan!!

This is a special program to support《Mirai Creators》who may change the future of the earth and Japan!

Sandwichman and other leading figures from various fields will engage in in-depth discussions with researchers and entrepreneurs who are struggling and challenging in their respective fields!

What is the Mirai Plan that will not end with just a dream and the chemical reactions that will be born because of this program?

MC: Sandwichman (Mikio Date, Takeshi Tomizawa)


*Real-time and archived broadcasts also available on TVer!


*You can also watch it on ABEMA TV!


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