Commenced Development Of The World's First Personal Artificial Intelligence (P.A.I.) iOS Application "al+"

al+ A Cloud Clone That Creates A Second You

Alt Inc. (CEO:Mr. Kazutaka Yonekura, Location: Koto-ku, Tokyo) commences development of the world’s first Personalized Artificial Intelligence (hereinafter referred to as “P.A.I.”) app ”al+”

The usage fees will be free of charge and its release will commence from the North American version followed subsequently by the various countries all over the world. We aim to achieve 5 million users within a year from its date of release.

Currently the artificial intelligence provided to businesses requires high service fees. In order to cater to this, al+ will be provided free of charge and will promote the use of personalized artificial intelligence.


What is al+?


al+ is an artificial intelligence app developed to create a second copy of users in cloud.

al+ can be linked with user’s commonly used SNS and applications and automatically learns the thoughts of users. We will replicate a virtual version of the user on the app which mirrors the user’s personality.

There are 3 levels implemented to this artificial intelligence engine, the linkage of respective artificial intelligence engines will realize a more flexible and human-like way of thinking.

Further, it will constantly analyze the overall usage trend of al+ users, and also has the ability to self-learn from the pseudo society concepts which cannot be obtained from one user. The accuracy of its thinking ability improves at an exponential speed with the increase in the number of users, it also increases the accuracy for learning the thoughts of one individual user. With the implementation of the above, P.A.I. will be the artificial intelligence that will be able to realize a more accurate replication of the user’s individual personality.

In addition, it has been designed such that sales of the created P.A.I. can be conducted. For example, if the P.A.I. created has been trained with legal knowledge, then it could be sold as a chargeable P.A.I. Buyers can, by installing the knowledge of the purchased P.A.I., maintain the user’s own personality while creating a persona that additionally possesses legal knowledge.




We are proud that al+ is an innovation since the birth of the personal computers. Further, we aim to acquire the largest share of the artificial intelligence market worldwide which is expected to grow to 4.8 trillion Japanese yen by year 2027.

al+ will become the technology that would become the foundation of everyone’s lives in the new world. All our activities will probably be reinvented by P.A.I. which will be realized by al+.

※Patent Pending in Japan, and we are filing patent all over the world including USA and Europe with priority claim based on patent application.