Invited Mr. Satoshi Sekine of New York University As Technical Advisor

Towards realization of the largest high-precision NER extractor in Japan

Alt, Inc. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, CEO, Mr. Kazutaka Yonekura) has concluded a technical advisory contract with Associate Professor, Satoshi Sekine of New York University

We will proceed with the construction of an open named entity database and its micro tasking based on the technical guidance of Associate Professor Sekine who has cutting edge knowledge of information extraction and named entity extraction.

With this approach, we will build a natural language processing development environment that many researchers and engineers can freely use in a wide range of fields and aim to produce the largest high-precision extended named entity extractor in Japan.


About (Satoshi Sekine)


Associate Professor of New York University
Ph.D.(Computer science)

1987 Graduated from Applied Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1992 Master's degree from Manchester Institute of Technology
1998 Ph.D. from New York University
1998 Became Assistant professor at New York University
2007 Became Associate Professor at New York University

Research contents: Natural language processing and the science concerning words behind it.