Introduction Of al+'s Voice Cloning Technology On NHK Living Commentary, "Retreive Your Voice! Evolving Voice Synthesis"

Reproducing voice that sounds identical to users with the latest technology

al+’s voice clone technology was introduced in the program at NHK’s "Life commentary". (Aired on March 3, 2017 (Fri) 10: 05 - 10: 15)

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"Evolving synthetic speech" (Living Commentary) (Tetsuya Muroyama, Commentator)


About Living Commentary


Airing date:Tues~Fri 10:05am~10:15am
The NHK commentator analyzes the meaning, background of news, and future tasks and so on from a professional perspective and explains it simply in 10 minutes. (Quoted from program official website)


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Commencement of joint research on voice clone generation

Artificial Intelligence al+ started joint research to generate voice clones from a small volume of human speech samples with Associate Professor Yamagishi Junichi of NII National Institute of Informatics