Industry-Academia Cooperation in the Artificial Intelligence Development: al+ Inc. and Mori Laboratory, Yokohama National University Concluded a Cooperation Contract in Technology Research

Industry-Academia Cooperation Strengthening of Artificial Intelligence Development

al+ Inc. (CEO: Kazutaka Yonekura, head office: Taito Ward, Tokyo) and Mori Laboratory, Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences, Yokohama National University (Professor: Dr. Tatsunori Mori, hereafter Mori Laboratory) concluded a contract of their industry-academia cooperation in technology research and development of natural language processing, information retrieval, information extraction, and other related technologies and knowledge.

Mori Laboratory is known as a top Japanese laboratory in the field of natural language processing and information retrieval. Determined to realize smooth communication between humans and A.I., al+ believes this cooperation will dramatically improve our knowledge and technologies in this field.


Background Of The Collaboration


In recent years, artificial intelligence has been attracting much attention in a number of areas. Gartner Research projects that the artificial intelligence industry will grow to 4.8 trillion yen by 2027. Alt Inc. is aiming to become the frontrunner in this field in Asia, and one of its strategies is to actively seek out wisdom and expertise in and out of the company.

Professor Tatsunori Mori and the members of Mori Laboratory will support and guide our artificial intelligence development with their advanced intelligence, technologies, and experiences.

We sincerely hope this cooperation will become a touchstone to prove that we can utilize advanced technologies as a product to solve diversity problems in our society.