Commencement of Pre-Registration of Chat Bot "Al+ Bot Framework (Al+ bot framework)" Creation GUI Tool Equipped with the Semantics Interpretation Technology

A framework that makes it easy to create a chatbot even if you are not an engineer

Alt, Inc. shall commence pre-registration of the “Al+ Bot Framework” which will be released at the end of July. It is a framework which enables users to create their own original chatbots easily even if they are not engineers, using a sophisticated GUI. But of course, highly skilled engineers will be able to deeper control the framework according to their needs. The completed chatbot can be readily connected to external services such as LINE, Facebook and the likes using one-click from the settings screen.

Pre-registration now available at the below website in accordance with the beta release at the end of July.

You can make your pre-registration here

By registering for a “Al+ Developers’ Gate” (hereafter known as ADG) account, you will be able to access to the various development environments of Al+ including its bot framework. In accordance with the beta release, we have limited the number of ADG accounts to 200 accounts. The completion of the pre-registration will be notified to you via our completion of account settings email. After the completion of your registration, in the event when you don’t receive an email during the beta release, we will sequentially contact users at the time of expansion of the number of accounts.