alt inc. partners with Rayvision, which operates "FOX Renderfarm" Collaborative research starts toward implementation of GPU distributed rendering function and implementation of services with a distributed computing service "alt Emeth"

alt Inc. partners with Shenzhen Rayvision Technology Co., Ltd. and agreed that two companies will conduct research and development to realize the implementation and service of GPU distributed rendering function using “alt Emeth”, the distributed computing service scheduled to be provided by alt.


[Content of the partnership]

With this partnership, the two companies will start various researches on environment construction and demonstration experiments for performing distributed GPU rendering on the distributed computing service "alt Emeth" provided by alt. We will extend the application of services to the field of visualization by utilizing “alt Emeth”, which integrates a vast amount of computer computing power.


[What is "alt Emeth?" ]

"alt Emeth" is a new decentralized architecture realized by combining distributed computing technology and neural network technology. It is a platform that enables to secure the large-scale computing power required for the learning of artificial intelligence, as it networks the surplus capacity of personal computers and servers scattered all over the world via the Internet.


By opening the door to those who wish to use it for various purposes, such as for quantum computing and CG rendering, as well as computing AI, we aim to secure world’s leading computing power as a sharing model for distributed computing that is more efficient and highly convenient.


The "participant" who provides resources to the distributed computing service "alt Emeth" can do the work of "user" who wants to use large-scale arithmetic and obtain the distribution of the reward. The "user" aims to be able to use a large-scale computing service at a lower cost without using a huge amount of computing investment by sharing model of computing process using this blockchain.



■About Shenzhen Rayvision Technology Co., Ltd.

Rayvision is a Shenzhen-based company that operates Asia's largest cloud rendering service, which is comprised of two brands: FOX Renderfarm (for overseas) and Render Bus (for China), with a size of over 150,000 clients.

Since its launch in 2009, Rayvision has been trading with production companies in more than 50 countries. We provide total support, as we not only offer the time lending of the hardware and software rendering environment but also from the error check related to the environment relocation that occurs at the time of data upload, as well as the arrangement of the machine concentration to meet the delivery date as a member of the customer project.


  • Comment from Rayvision General Manager Kenny Zou

We are very pleased to be able to work together with alt in conjunction with various research and development based on the GPU grid service "alt Emeth". It is very important for us as a cloud rendering service provider to further utilize the GPU, and we are convinced that the GPU sharing service provided by "alt Emeth" will be a highly exciting project for Rayvision users as well. Please look forward to the activities of both companies in the future.


Mr. Zou of Rayvision (2nd from left) and Mr. Yonekura of alt (2nd from right) agreeing to joint research