Alt has been posted in the domain of "Personal A.I." of the AI Service Map providing AI operated by Dip Corporation

First in Japan al+ displayed in AI service map

We recently interviewed "AINOW" operated by DIP Corporation and posted al+ in the "Personal AI" industry’s AI service map.

■DIP announced the first ever 62 “2016 Summer AI Service Map”

※Here is the AI Service Map


About the Artificial Intelligence Service Map


It is a map that will efficiently support people who are contemplating on introducing and utilizing the Artificial Intelligence created by AINOW.

There are 77 services and the authorized services were posted. There are 22 categories. On the left side, service providers such as "real estate" and "translation" were placed, and on the right side, services to prepare platforms such as "machine learning" and "emotion recognition" were arranged to make it easier to see.(AINOW Quoted from official site




AINOW is the largest domestic media specialized in Artificial Intelligence that can know, learn, and use artificial intelligence. Founded in July of 2016.

We are operating dip AI. Labs set up by Dip Corporation that has developed ”Baitoru”, “Hatarakonetto”, “It’s Tarako for nurses” and so on