al+ was approved as "Tokyo’s work reform declaration company"

Tokyo Governor, Koike approved of the project, “reform declaration company”

”Exploit the abilities of each staff to work actively
If we promote such a workplace, it will lead to innovation”

Similar to the sentiments of Governor Koike Yuriko, our company declared to work on creating an environment where each staff can keep working according to his/her own lifestyle.

The reform declaration was approved, and al+ was approved as "Tokyo’s work reform declaration company".

Here is al+’s work reform declaration


About “Tokyo’s work reform declaration company”


It is a company which sets the goals and efforts for 2-3 later, to carry out the Tokyo’s work reform declaration (declaration) and carry out the former in order to promote the reduction of employees' long-term labor and the acquisition of annual paid vacation. (Quoted from "Tokyo Metropolitan Government TOKYO Working Net")