al+ and KiRAMEX Start Joint Development on Programming Learning Assisting Agents Based on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence Presents Optimal Problem Solving Method

The personalized artificial intelligence developer al+ Inc. (head office: Koto Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Kazutaka Yonekura) collaborates with KiRAMEX CORPORATION. (head office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Masayuki Murata) that operates the online programming school “TechAcademy”. The two companies will work together for development of learning assisting agents based on artificial intelligence.

P.A.I. (personalized artificial intelligence) developed by al+ will learn programming learning know-how accumulated by KiRAMEX, and analyze learners’ understanding and strengths/weaknesses. With this methodology, we will develop the agent system where al+ P.A.I. can suggest optimized solutions for the users’ tasks.

This is our first attempt to utilize al+ P.A.I. in the educational field. We would like to take this opportunity to prove the effectiveness of learning assistance by A.I., and hope that we can take part in sustaining educators’ ideas permanently.

◆Using A.I. Technologies in Different Services: al+ is preparing to provide P.A.I. at different levels of usage in diverse business fields.


About al+


al+ connects various kinds of SNS or other applications used by the users in their daily life to A.I., so that A.I. can learn the users’ thinking patterns automatically. With this methodology, al+ creates the users’ virtual personalities on the applications.

There are three different levels of A.I. engines. All three working together, A.I. can be very flexible and more humanlike in thinking.

al+ also constantly analyzes how all the users are using al+ A.I. Our A.I. studies this virtual society and self-learns what it cannot learn only from a single user. With the number of users increasing, the preciseness of its thoughts will drastically improve. This also improves its ability to learn individual users.

al+ creates the A.I. to realize its individual users’ personalities accurately by implementing those mentioned above. This A.I. is what we call P.A.I.