A 3D A.I. (under development) simulating our CEO’s characteristics featured on November 5, 2016 Morning Newspaper and Nikkei Electronic Edition "A.I. and the World - Used or Be Used Impartial Face of The New Manager" Article

About The Doppelgänger AI That Will Work On Your Behalf

In the first part of the popular serial series of Nihon Keizai Shimbun "A.I. and the world", Personal AI (P.A.I.) that al+ is developing was featured.

A.I. technology has been in the spotlight in recent years and it has been widely discussed about whether A.I. will take jobs away from human beings. But in this article, we will introduce the A.I. project that is the doppelganger of Mr. Yonekura, CEO. (a 3D Avatar simulating the appearance of Mr. Yonekura that has been transplanted with the synthesized voice and dialogue patterns that are identical to his voice.)


This article can be viewed via the Nihon Keizai Shimbun Electronic Edition

”CEO’s doppleganger, Transplantation of speech patterns created by A.I. Let’s ask Mr. Yonekura, CEO of Alt, Inc.”(2016/11/5)