2024/05/15 begins preliminary steps with GNI and Governance Partners to form JV
Building a clone matching platform for investment and IP in the drug discovery and investment fields
2024/05/09 develops LLM hallucination automatic scoring engine
Automatic hallucination scoring enables detection of false output occurrences in generative AI
2024/05/08 begins exploring new use cases for image generation AI in collaboration with Stability AI
Accelerating research and development, leveraging the strengths of both companies to establish use cases for generative AI in audio, images, and video
2024/04/26 begins construction of large language models with trillions of parameters
Pursuing the world's best speed and cost performance by designing backward from use cases
2024/04/25 and GNI Group announce collaboration to use AI in drug discovery and investment fields
Toward a proof of concept aimed at creating an optimal and efficient drug discovery and investment flow using AI
alt Inc. releases world's first Japanese LLM on AWS Marketplace
API service launched for LHTM-OPT, a lightweight large language model; Japanese LLMs now available for a wider range of applications
alt Inc.’s AI GIJIROKU improves speaker identification accuracy to 99.62%
Increased accuracy with state-of-the-art generative AI technology enables more real-time and accurate minutes creation
alt Inc. appoints Tohoku University professor Kentaro Inui as R&D Head of AI
Accepts challenge to develop LLM that understands human emotions
Saya Ichikawa, Deloitte Tohmatsu, NVIDIA, and other distinguished guests to speak at alt Conference 2024, “The Shock of ZERO – AI and Humans: Change or Slavery?”
A discussion on the future of generative AI with Masaya Mori, Executive Officer, Deloitte Tohmatsu, and Takeshi Isaki, General Manager, Business Division, NVIDIA
Saturday, March 2 22:00 JST: TV Asahi "Hasshin! Mirai Creator" Vol. 8
Yonekura will appear in the television special program, “AI Has Come This Far”