Welcome to the Era of P.A.I.

In 1977, the year I was born, the first personal computer was introduced by Steve Jobs. I grew up watching the times when the whole world got involved PC’s and the world was redefined. In that time, people noticed that knowing how to use a PC was an essential skill for society. The younger generation latched on to PC’s.

Now the world has many differences, we have come to rely on the PC. It has such an important role to human beings, however, we still have stressful lives with issues. It means, our future will need an even more advanced civilization.

P.A.I. is the first step of civilization evolution that PC does not have the ability to do.Just how PC changed the world in the past, now we need people who can control P.A.I. freely for the next generation following us.

However, we have nothing to be afraid of. Humanity has learned from their mistakes and has become wiser, wealthier and more conscious of the earth and, even the universe. I believe that the birth of P.A.I. will make humanity in the future even more wealthy, free, and great.

I welcome the new world that will be created by having P.A.I.

  • People will become aware of their existence, and realize they are wasting precious time on work that can be done by a reproducible robot.
  • Play a role as everlasting intelligence to pass our thoughts and philosophy clearly on to the next generation
  • Establish a new civilization that humans can love and be able to concentrate on more artistic and beautiful things.

I hope the birth of P.A.I. will be a wonderful help to civilization and that humans can find themselves coming together with the fundamental and beautiful existence of nature.

December 1, 2014

Kazutaka Yonekura